How I Can Support You….

No matter where you are in your journey of healing and coming home to yourself, I am here to support you. I’ve got information, courses, and inspiration to meet you right where you’re at. Choose from one of the following options below, and I’ll guide you through the healing and thriving process, one step at a time.
Mandy Harvey - Banish Burnout

Banish Burnout: Rewire your body, boost your energy & get back to life


Here’s What You Get:

✔ A video lesson that shows you your body’s indicators of burnout including the role of the nervous system (so you can get to the root cause and heal it for good).

✔ A video lesson that gives you a process to identify your burnout archetype (so you can support your body and build a personalized recovery plan).

✔ A video lesson that helps you create an individualized action plan to turn on your body’s inner healer and start waking up with plenty of fresh energy to get you through the entire day (without having to eat or caffeinate your way through it).

Mandy Harvey - Breakthrough and Release Program

Breakthrough and Release Somatic Healing Session


What You Will Experience:

✔ A one hour healing session to release trapped emotions in your body so that you can better manage stress/anxiety, have more energy and peace.

✔ This (body) based healing allows you to slow down and restore your nervous system from a state of imbalance due to unresolved trauma or post-traumatic stress back to a state of radiant health, ease and well-being.

✔ A recording of your session so you can come back to it for even more healing + a self-practice for you to use to support your healing after the session.

Mandy Harvey - Pain to Purpose

Pain To Purpose (90 Day Transformation)


What You Will Experience:

✔ Sessions focused on untangling your nervous system, healing past traumas and wounded fragmented parts of yourself, connecting your whole self together so you can live in an empowered, confident way. 12 weekly, 60 min zoom sessions with Voxer support

✔ Tools that help you regulate your nervous system and emotional responses to overcome the body symptoms or sensations that are tied to past trauma.

✔ Strategies such as somatic/body-based healing, breathwork, and energy work for relaxing the body, moving emotions through the body, and integrating the work from our sessions.

Mandy Harvey - Hike & Heal

Hike & Heal Journey


What you will experience:

✔ Regulate your nervous system, release stuck energy, clear out negativity, stress and emotions…. and reboot into your best life!

✔ This 3 hour Hike & Heal is a personalized transformational healing experience using the gentle support of nature, where you will discover how to connect to your body and gently release & alchemize what is no longer serving you. It’s like getting a massage for your soul.

✔ Tools that help you bring your body and nervous system back to a state of healing, peace and calm even when the hike is over.